Patrice began creating sterling silver jewellery at a small studio in Elora Ontario, in 1991. Her favourite technique was reticulation because of the unpredictable textures it generated. She continued her happy exploration with unpredictability by using copper and bronze etching and patination.

Patrice was introduced to Silver Precious Metal Clay in 2001, and was stunned by its versatility and affinity to texture. The recent introduction of Bronze Clay on the market has been even more exiting as the firing process creates amazing and unpredictable colours as the bronze sinters.

Since then, Patrice has taken many jewellery courses from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine and has been privileged to learn from incredible teachers such as Andy Cooperman, Celie Fago, Cappy Counard, Hadar Jakobsen and Patrik Kousak.

2010 marked the beginning of Silverfish Studios In Fergus Ontario. This is the first time Patrice has owned her own studio space with all of her jewellery making tools in one place. The studio is on a quiet residential street, overlooking a ravine full of trees and birds.

From here, she teaches week long classes in Jewellery Etching, Precious Metal Clay, Resin, Jewellery Repair, Altered Books, Mica, and “Power Tools for the Timid”.

Patrice has been an invited guest instructor at week long Nature Printers Conferences in North Carolina, for both etching and precious metal clay.

She has also taught both of the courses at the Nature Printer Society Center in Sarasota Florida.

Her work has been accepted at Insights at the Wellington County Museum, and this year an entry to the Lambeth Gallery Miniatures Exhibit won Best of Show. She was accepted to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the Wearable Art Show in 2015.