I am a graduate of York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, honors degree. I have studied abstract composition at the Atlantic Centre for the Arts. My professional career has included numerous shows, both solo and group, from Montreal to Toronto. Having sold hundreds of paintings, my work is enjoyed in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. I am represented by Santini Gallery in Ottawa, Perivale Gallery on Manitoulin Island and The Red Church Gallery in Coe Hill.

I live with my young family off the grid in the middle of a rural one hundred acre woods. My art is a genuine and personal reflection of our relationship with the natural world around us. This is not a theoretical relationship – I paint the way that we live, simply and understated.

Personal Process

My finished paintings each have between 10-30 layers. My process is a “veiling” of the subject. This is accomplished by removing paint from each layer with scraping or wiping motions. I prefer that the subject matter is simple so that the interest in the piece comes from the depth in the layers created by the technique. I lie to think of my creative process as dancing the Cha-cha, where the work is revealed, in a sense, by two steps forward and one step back.