My name is Kristen Melville-Laborde, I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

I specialize in creative pieces that combine various eclectic elements that reflect the season’s fashion trends. Drawing inspiration from diverse regions, I strive to create fresh, handmade jewellery that stands apart from the rest. For 2016, I’ve embraced materials such as semi-precious stones, mixed metals, industrial findings, and stunning beads, which come together in uniquely elegant arrangements.

I design pieces which can be worn in many ways and easy to layer if desired. I aim to create jewellery that’s as unique as the individual who wears it—multi-functional pieces that can accommodate different women’s tastes and budgets, and be versatile enough to wear both casually and formally.

Travel is my passion, it allows me to draw inspiration from diverse ethnic backgrounds which help to inform my eclectic style. Since the age of 20 I’ve wondered the globe, often searching for small gem and metal dealers in places such as Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, South Africa, Berlin and South America, Central America, Australia. I returned to Toronto after living in London, England for a year. While there I was inspired to create this season’s architecturally influence lines, which integrates a combination of stone and metal.

In Toronto, my jewelery designs have ben showcased in Flare Magazine, Strut, Canadian Living, Zoomer, The Toronto Star, Good Housekeeping (US) and the The National Post. They’ve also been used in music videos by artists such as Fritz Herald and the Phantoms and Divine Brown. My pieces have been photographed on celebrities and have been worn by well respected fashion editors such as Suzanne Boyd from Zoomer Magazine and Elle Magazine publisher Sue Prentice. I’ve also paired up with Canadian fashion designers Nada and Jessica Biffi to create a collection of jewellery that compliments their fashion lines for their runway shows at Toronto fashion week.

I feel that my personality shines through my pieces, and feel that they’re truly an extension of my outlook and perspective on life. I want to invite people to have some fun with fashion and bring out that inner fashionista inside all of us!