charlotte & stewart is a line of handmade dolls, doll clothing and paper dolls. Each item is lovingly made with the utmost attention paid to every detail. Faces are hand painted, and every doll has it’s own subtle and unique expression. The clothes are created by hand from original patterns. The fabric and findings are carefully curated and often made from vintage and repurposed materials. The line is equal parts quirky and cute, with a dash of creepy thrown in for good measure.

charlotte & stewart is the brainchild of Hamilton based designer Johanna Chaytor. Inspired by the grit and whimsy of childhood, this line of dolls is a reaction to the plastic and pink found in today’s toy aisle. Made by hand and designed to be loved, played with, and mended, charlotte & stewart is a thoroughly modern line that is grounded in the fine craftsmanship of days gone by.