All of my wearable art jewellery is completely hand crafted, using old world goldsmithing techniques. Each piece is created with great attention to detail and incorporates genuine gemstones, along with repurposed antiques and precious metals. This line of jewellery primarily consists of up cycled antique service ware, that is then transformed into art jewellery. Each piece created, is as unique as the found object it came from. Antique sugar bowls become heart pendants, candy dishes transform into elegant earrings and bracelets. These old world silver- plated items have enjoyed a previous life in homes of countless generations. As times and values have changed, so too has the need and available space in our modern day homes for these items, leaving many of these beautiful artifacts in a state of disrepair and eventually discarded. I source out these pieces of historic silversmithing and give them new life into beautiful, unique jewellery. The past lives on in the present and one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure.

Julie Johnson is a graduate goldsmith with over twenty years of experience hand crafting jewellery. She studied design foundation at OCAD then went on to George Brown’s Jewellery Arts program, where she learned skills in metallurgy, design, stone setting, wax modelling, enamelling and many other techniques. Upon completion of the three year course she received the Jewellery Arts Program diploma, while at the same time completing her Canadian Gemology Certification. Upon graduation, she found employment with renowned jewellers Lessard-Coutu Custom Jewellery where she apprenticed for five years. Julie has gone on to work as a goldsmith both commercially and independently and has trained other aspiring jewellers within the jewellery industry. Her current concentration, is creating an environmentally respectful jewellery line, that incorporates reclaimed antique silver-plate and transforming it into wearable art pieces. The jewellery line now named Escartment was born out of a desire to rescue beautiful craftsmanship from landfills and refineries. “Each piece I create tells a story. I like to feel that the positive human emotions once associated with the object lives on in a new life as jewellery. My goal is to transform these articles into heirloom jewellery that a new generation will cherish”.