Batavia By Sil was established in 2009 but officially run as a business in 2010 by its creator, designer and owner Sil S. Frebrian.

Sil is Hamilton based designer, has spent half of her life living abroad pursuing her dream. Born in Jakarta (former :Batavia) Indonesia, she grew up with art and was influenced by artist parents. She had finished her Bachelor of Architecture, worked in several design firms for years but later found out that she has more passion for fashion and textile design.

As an eco-conscious designer, Sil sources the recycled materials from thrift stores, flea markets, local furniture retails & local contacts. As the materials she uses are rarely available in large quatities her line is comprised of unique, one of a kind pieces and small runs. She’s proud to announce that she has won the green competition by Exhibition Place Toronto, as “The Greenest Exhibitor” at 2011 Christmas OOAK show, a winner of “Best exhibitor at Marshville Heritage Festival 2013” and “Best Fashion Exhibitor at Haliburton Summer Show 2015”.