Interview with Silverfish Studios

Tell us about you and your work as an artist? What might we expect to see at Queen and Jackson?

 I am a maker and a collector.  My work as an artist is putting these two together to create one of a kind jewellery pieces.

What is your process of creating one of a kind work?  Where do you create your work?

 I etch, forge and fabricate jewellery from copper, bronze, sterling silver and pure silver. I use riveting and soldering to connect the pieces that i make. I work in my beautiful studio in Fergus Ontario

Tell us about your inspiration for your art making?  

I am inspired by things that are reaching back to the earth, fossils, falling down buildings, petrified wood…. and since i use metals, everything i make comes from the earth.

Tell us where we can find you online and in real life.

My studio is in Fergus Ontario, fire me an email if you are in the area. 40 Studios in the Fergus, Elora area are opening up for the Elora/Fergus Studio Tour – September 26 and 27 and October 3 and 4, 2015

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