Interview with Hitokoo

My name is Hitoko Okada. I am a fibre artist and clothier of HITOKOO- a line of casual women’s fashion- produced in limited quantities integrating fashion with textile craft elements.

Representational motifs and prints are repeated throughout the collection and are generated from paint, drawing and paper cut out stencils, that are based on concepts explored in my fibre art.

From concept to design; pattern to final product, each piece is hand crafted in my studio. I source fine quality, luxurious natural fabrics in limited quantities. In the ethic of handcraft and small run production, I create original pieces of contemporary wearable art.

Through my clothing line, I serve to align collectors with an expression of their core identities and to drive empowered communications within themselves and with the world around them.

For Queen & Jackson, I’m presenting a new pieces for summer: tank tops, tees, tunic dresses, and skirts. As well as introducing new textile necklaces, and sweet hand knitted mini planter pots.

Introducing new motifs for this year: Stitches +Bandages, representing healing and restoration, using knitted patches from fine Japanese fibres and screen prints.

As well as a “Kintsuji” motif- from the Japanese art of repairing broken shards of pottery with gold lacquer. It is a craft that embodies the philosophy that beauty is in the imperfect, and is a compassionate reflection of our own humanity. Taking from this tradition, I have stitched a glimmering healing scar as a motif that honours our weathered histories as we emerge from the darkness whittled and learned with a deepening of our hearts.

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