Interview with BwA Woodturning

Tell us about you and your work as an artist? What might we expect to see at Queen and Jackson?

As a graduate from Sheridan College, Bruce applies both his knowledge of woodworking and woodturning to his custom turned pieces. We love creating one of a kind, hand turned pieces that are both functional and artistically pleasing to the eye.

We specialize in custom laminated wood handles that can be found in many of our turnings. Pizza cutters, pie knives, coffee and ice cream scoops are just a few of the handled items that incorporate laminated wood pieces. We feature a mixture of domestic, exotic and manmade materials.

What is your process of creating one of a kind work? Where do you create your work?

Bruce creates his one of a kind woodturnings in his studio in Ennismore Ontario. Living outside the city allows Bruce to become one with nature. It also allows him more time to spend with his wife and large newfoundland dog Buddy when he is not in the shop producing both sawdust and beautiful wood turned pieces.

What is your favourite music? movie? book?

Bruce loves listening to music in his shop. He taste in music is very diversified. Some days, he enjoys head banging to AC/DC, Def Leppard and other classic heavy metal bands. Other days, he listens to the softer tunes of Chris De Burg, Enya, Sarah McLachlan etc. You can even catch him singing along to the tunes of the Irish Rovers !

Bruce is an avid reader. He loves mystery, history, and his favorite author is Ken Follett. He also loves reading his woodturning magazines and design books.

Do you have a favourite quote to share?

You have to be odd to be number one!

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One thought on “Interview with BwA Woodturning

  1. Ron Pesowsky says:

    Bruce’s work is totally awesome, creative, colourful and he adapts his skills to new products for his talents. I was amazed by his work and he brings out the beauty of various woods. Hope to see him at a future art sale. Btw, he is very entertaining and shares his knowledge with those that stop by to chat with him. Thanks so much, Bruce.
    I saw him and his creations at the Queen and Jackson Art and Craft market in Hamilton.


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