Welcome STORE

STORE has just become the newest vendor to join the Queen & Jackson art & craft market!

Christine Wendy de Takacsy (CW Pots) is a functional potter and ceramic artist. Born in Montreal, Christine moved to Hamilton in 1997 having spent several years living overseas. Having worked in clay for over a decade, she undertook a full-time career in the ceramic arts in 2011.

Through sculptural and functional pieces that explore surface, line and texture her work strives to incorporate both contemporary and traditional influences. She is particularly interested in exploring forms on which texture and surface decoration catch the eye and inspire to touch.

Christine is the recipient of the 2014 Hamilton Arts Award – Emerging Artist in Fine Craft.

In the fall of 2014 Christine opened a store and gallery on James Street North, in Hamilton. It is called STORE. While STORE sells books, graphic art and photography, it primarily showcases the ceramics arts. Currently offering the work of seven ceramics artists, STORE runs periodic exhibitions and hosts featured artists. Christine’s philosophy with STORE is to offer customers an opportunity to experience the difference between hand-made and mass produced items – inviting customers to explore the use of art in daily life. Not only to look at it, but to feel it, touch it, use it.

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