Off the Rack: Update

After going through (literally) rooms and rooms of costumes, the final selections have been made and are ready for our mannequins. It was extremely tough to narrow it down from the hundreds of costumes in the Guild’s collection to just the dozen or so that will be on display. That being said, we think that there’ll be enough beadwork, silk, lace, and sequins (oh yes, and velour) to satisfy visitors.

The next step was to accessorize these lovely/historical/sexy/retro costumes. After all, what good is a Victorian dress without the hoop skirt and petty-coats, or a slinky silver cocktail dress without the evening gloves and martini glass?

We’re all quite happy that the CoBALT Connects office looks like a time-traveller’s closet, even if it is a bit hard to move around. Make sure you come to the Queen & Jackson art & craft market so that you can see these costumes throughout the Guild’s home for yourself.

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